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A blind is a functional and simple type of window covering, which is why it is also very popular. Blinds protect against sunlight and help regulate room temperature.

There is a large selection of materials, and the components of the blind can also be chosen in a suitable color. We offer chain and electric drive control systems. In addition, we also offer outdoor blinds.

The fabrics we offer do not collect dust, do not attract moisture or fade. From the textiles in the product range, you can choose transparent, semi-blackout and blackout textiles as well as screens as blind material.

Fabric selection

  • Various patterns
  • Wide color selection
  • Blackout – light-proof
  • Semi-blackout – light-reflecting
  • Screen fabric – mesh fabric that reflects the sun’s heat and UV radiation, but lets light into the room, waterproof and fireproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Light-transmitting – shines through the light, but hides it from prying eyes
  • Fire-resistant – often used in offices and hotels. Fabrics can be chosen according to the requirements of public spaces.
  • Acoustic – sound/noise absorbing and blocking blinds that improve the sound quality in the room by reducing the reverberation of the sound produced in the room. It also helps to muffle outside noise.

We also offer Somfy powered blinds and cassette blinds.

Advantages of blinds offered in the Harmtex salon

  • Blinds are convenient to use and the construction is simple, which also ensures a long lifespan of the curtains.
  • The roller blind fits into a minimalist interior without any problems, because it remains practically unnoticeable when rolled up in front of the window.
  • Large window openings can be covered with blinds: the maximum dimensions for one system are 200 cm in width and 300 cm in height.
  • The roller blind can be attached either to the wall or ceiling, on top of the opening, inside the opening or on the window frame. Takes up little space and fits anywhere where lush textile curtains cannot be installed.

We offer both manual chain-driven systems and solutions with motorized electric drive (either wired in the wall or battery powered).

We use different materials when making curtains
  • Natural materials – e.g. bamboo;
  • Transparent fabrics – for example, a tulle curtain can be used as a comparison of the degree of transparency;
  • Semi-blackout fabrics – let light through, but you can’t see directly through;
  • Blackout fabrics – do not let light through, but it can shine from the sides;
  • Thermal blackout fabrics – fabrics with a shiny or silver back, which help to reflect the heat of the sun and the cold of winter, and do not let it into the room;
  • Screensmaterial with a thin weave, for use in sunny rooms Due to the mesh structure, the material lets in light, but keeps solar radiation behind the window;
  • Design fabrics – in addition to the type of fabric, blinds can also be chosen according to their appearance, i.e. the selection of materials includes fabrics with special patterns and structures.

Blinds are easy to maintain by cleaning them with a dust brush or soft cloth, and the fabric can also be changed if necessary.

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