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We supply a wide range of stunning options for windows and doors in all shapes and sizes, offering superb light control and privacy. Fold curtain is a great solution for hard to reach or awkward shaped windows. A very stylish blind that never goes out of fashion.

Fold curtain is a window cover of textile material with folds. The curtain material has been treated with a special solution to keep it pleated. We manufacture sheer, dimout and blackout fold-out curtains.The colour range of materials is from pastel and natural shades to colourful and patterned, creating an opportunity to design different and distinctive interiors.

The Pros 

  • They are easy to wash and do not collect dust
  • Some models are bi-directional, can be moved both from top to bottom and from bottom to top
  • Suitable for special-shaped windows, also for roof windows (with side slats or cables)
  • Adjusts room temperature
  • Top down/Bottom up operation – the curtain is available either with an upper fastening only or with a lower fastening
  • Easy to install
  • A wide selection of materials with different textures, shades and transparency
  • Both 20x20mm and 40x40mm system/fold depth solutions

Operation controls

  • Control from the handle
  • Control using a cord
  • Motorized (with remote control, chain)

In addition we offer a folding curtain that has screw-free fasteners. It is installed on the window with adhesive side strips which means there is no need to drill holes. It is possible to order a system up to 180 cm wide. This curtain has no protruding handles, moving the curtain is done conveniently from the curtain profile. Magnetic fasteners prevent even the heaviest curtain from falling down.


Fold curtains are higly versatile. They come in many different designs and fabrics, including moisture-resistant, light-reflecting fabrics and fabrics that fit into office and public spaces. We also offer patterned, and texture weaves – all with a good variety of colours. It is also possible to order a solution with two different fabrics. In addition, there’s a wide range of profile shades that can be matched with either the window frame or the fold curtain fabric.

The fabric giving the greatest blackout effect is matte on the side of the room, white on the back or the same color, and reflects back up to 75% UV radiation. When the fabrics are used under normal conditions their beneficial properties remain high for at least 4 years and do not decrease significantly even after that.

Our products

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Here are some examples of materials for HarmTex semi-blackout pleated curtains.


Plain fabric

Matte fabric of the same color on both sides. Depending on the color tone, they reflect back up to 57% UV radiation.


Metallic fabric

Lightly shimmering, rather matte than glossy, same color on both sides and reflects back up to 65% of UV radiation.


Fabric with shining stripes

Depending on the colour, it is matte on one side, metal or pearl gloss on the other side. Despite the fabric being very lightweight, it blocks light well and also reflects UV radiation back up to 60%.


Flame retardant and waterproof fabric

Our selection also includes fire-resistant fabrics that meet the requirements of public spaces and are frequently used in offices and hotels.

We also offer waterproof fabric for pleated fold curtains. They have a water-repellent top layer and don’t absorb moisture nor become moldy.

Honeycomb fabric

The honeycomb fabric is two-sided, with the back of the fabric lined with aluminum. Between the folds of the two layers of fabric, honeycomb-shaped air chambers emerge. Aluminium processing makes it a good heat conductor and also a blackout curtain.

A soft white surface can be seen on the outside, while the inside is colored and matte. The honeycomb structure helps to regulate the room temperature: the air in the honeycombs is a good heat insulator.

This kind of curtain does not show vertical cords or lines and therefore it is also ideal as a blackout curtain.

Wrinkled fabric

Looks like waxed Japanese silk paper. It is the lightest material on offer yet it reflects back up to 52% UV radiation. We also offer an addition for this fabric that has a matte inside and a beaded outside. This addition increases the reflective ability of the material’s UV radiation to up to 60%.

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