Strip curtains | Venetian blinds

Aluminum strip curtains

16mm 25mm 35mm 50mm

Such types of strip curtains are the ideal solution for high temperature rooms, as the curtain reflects a large part of the heat radiation back. Aluminum strip curtain is also waterproof and UV-proof which protects the curtains from fading. Due to its durability and high quality, the life of the curtain is very long. We offer curtain solutions with a wide range of colors and different surface treatment. These curtains are easy to maintain and are also suitable for specially shaped windows.

Wooden strip curtains


27mm 35mm 50mm 65mm

Natural wood is close to nature, makes the space cosier and gives the interior an attractive look. Without a doubt, wooden strip curtain is the most classic solution for sun protection indoors. Wood strip curtains are resistant to wear and tear, they are made using strong wood and resistant to bending. In addition to the classic elegant-looking wood species, there are timeless wood types with a clean and restrained appearance – warm varieties of African wooden Abachi with bright wood patterns and high-gloss finish.

Whether you want to adjust the daylight without spoiling the view or ensuring full privacy, the wooden strip curtain is a stylish and practical choice.

PVC strip curtains

Faux Wood (PVC)

35mm 50mm 65mm

These curtains resemble wooden strip curtains, but are actually made of plastic (PVC). This material is stronger and more durable than natural wood. The main advantage is very good moisture resistance and cheap price class – the ideal solution for the bathroom and kitchen. If the strip curtains are properly adjusted, they will determine the conditions in the rooms, such as lighting or shading, temperature or air circulation.
The wide range of colors gives many opportunities to showcase your taste and talent in interior design.

Ribbed curtain bands, ribbon ladders and cords

The wide range of strips provides the perfect solution for any type of window. The wide-band curtain is folded with a smaller stack than the narrower bands, as there are fewer bands in the curtain. Also, the larger the strip, the more light enters the room in an open position.

There is a wide range of ribbons and cords that are suitable for all types of curtains. The eye-catcher is a ladder tape with a classic herringbone pattern, available in different shades and three widths, 10mm, 25mm and 38mm. Even though the ribbons give the curtain a sturdier look, you can certainly not argue about taste and in the end, it is the individual choice of each person for which final result they choose.


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